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Aviation Marketing: The Latest Trends Taking Off

Big changes are going on across the Aviation Industry, and many of the most visible changes are in aviation marketing. With innovations in communication technology and audience preferences shifting more and more towards personalization, there’s a lot to keep up with. Let us guide you through a few of the biggest trends, right now, in marketing for the aviation industry.


Across all media and content, there is a marked shift in aviation marketing towards storytelling. Even more, people are naturally gravitating towards narrative and story. By making your marketing content more narratively structured, you make your brand relatable to potential customers.

But why bother even making a brand relatable? By creating a relationship with your audience, you foster brand loyalty. This kind of loyalty will engender a sense of community through specificity and story.

The well-known major American airline company, Southwest, has always beenaviation-industry-southwest-airlines-app known for its reputable marketing and advertising. The brand understands the importance of using storytelling in their aviation marketing strategy in order to connect with their customers on a deeper level.

Last year Southwest introduced the interactive microsite, 175 Stories, which was described in Forbes as being “a masterful example of brand storytelling”.

Visitors on the site could scroll their cursor over any seat and a picture of a real passenger appears, as well as a story and a video. “The stories serve to position the brand around a customer’s emotional moments—and works especially well in a category where competitors are often seen as lacking compassion. The new campaign is accompanied by television ads, social media posts, and shareable bite-sized content” -Carmine Gallo, Senior Contributor at Forbes. Check out this video case study below about how Southwest was able to tell 175 stories about real passengers.

Ultimately, what storytelling does well is develop a brand identity. Whether it’s how a business was founded or the lengths it might go for a customer, a story that builds brand identity makes your aviation business stand out from the crowd.


In the age of big data, there are a myriad of tools available to target and personalize your ads to the people who are most likely to seek out your business. These tools collect data and use it to target specific individuals who are looking for, or would consider, your business. Likewise, advertising on Google and Facebook are both optimized by using such tools. As a result, many airlines use marketing automation software for this kind of marketing. For example, after researching for this blog, I’ve already seen several advertisements for AirNorway, Delta, and Southwest Airlines.

What this kind of personalized ad does is speak directly to potential customers. Therefore it bridges the gap between someone looking to make travel plans and the businesses that can deliver the services they need. In effect, it reduces online searches by presenting information to people already looking to travel.


As an agency who have worked closely in the aviation industry, CATMEDIA discovered a way for organizations seeking to deliver information internally more personalized and accessible. Imagine having a face-to-face conversation with an entire organization in the morning, and hearing back from them by the end of the day. In a business climate where miscommunication costs you time, money, and productivity, effective communication is critical. Introducing BAM Mail® (Browsable Attached Media). A revolutionary tool designed to streamline communications in a way that is efficient and easy to use.

BAM Mail® is an informational portfolio delivered to designated inboxes in a self-contained PDF file with unlimited potential. CATMEDIA provided this bam-mail-processpatented piece of technology to the Federal Aviation Administration as a new way to connect to their audience. Consequently giving them a voice, while seamlessly integrating with existing web portals and communications tools. Most noteworthy making it ideal for leadership communications, briefings, company surveys, instructional training, and newsletters.

Click here to find out how CATMEDIA can customize BAM Mail® to fit your organization’s strategic messaging goals!


In today’s world, many consumers look for brands and organizations to be making a positive impact on society through motivational or encouraging campaigns. One of the most successful and impactful efforts CATMEDIA supported is the highly recognized Turn Off Tune In campaign. This joint FAA-NATCA campaign was one of several efforts under Foundations of Professionalism.

aviation-industry-FAA-catmedia-campaignTurn Off Tune In not only impacted its intended audience. Ultimately it also led the way for other collaborative FAA-Union efforts and campaigns. Turn Off Tune In’s success and recognition also spurred industry and international interest. As a result, gaining the interest and attention of former National Transportation Safety Board Chairman, Deborah Hersman. The AOC office still receives requests for communication campaigns similar to Turn Off Tune In, further demonstrating the campaign’s success.


Making marketing materials compatible with mobile devices isn’t a new trend, but it isn’t a diminishing one by any stretch. Every year, more people are turning to their mobile devices and tablets for online searches. This means it is imperative that all digital marketing materials be compatible with a range of screen sizes.

How can you make sure your marketing materials are compatible? Check its presentation on a series of different devices. Changing the format of marketing to fit on a mobile device helps ensure that someone can access your content from anywhere on any device. How will it look on a vertical screen compared to a wide one? Are text and other details visible on a hand-held screen? These are all things that need to be considered and tested before releasing marketing materials for the aviation industry.


As in all things, innovation in marketing strategies, technologies, and tactics is integral to building a business and staying ahead of the game. Therefore, by keeping an eye on trends as they arise in the aviation industry, you can make sure your marketing plan for this year (and years to come) isn’t falling behind.

So, let us know how we can use our years of experience in marketing aviation to help your brand sore to new heights!


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