CATMEDIA Was to Provide the 75th Ranger Regiment with Professional Media Production Services.

The objective of the Command Video was to be a powerful constituent outreach tool to 3 different audiences, with the goal of increasing support and funding for the 75th Ranger Regiment. A CATMEDIA-produced Command Video will clearly connect the 75th Ranger Regiment to:

75th Ranger Regiment - Key-Officials

Key Officials and Influencers, Including Congressional and Presidential Briefings: The Decision Makers.

75th Ranger Regiment - Potential-Recruits

Potential Recruits: The Recruiting Aspect from The Outside Looking In.

75th Ranger Regiment - Public-Education

Public Education on the Significance of, and Information about The 75th Ranger Regiment.

You will recognize the added value of contracting a solid, experienced, proven media services firm in CATMEDIA. Our past performance with our Federal clients – Veterans Affairs, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, NASA, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the Federal Aviation Administration – has afforded us the opportunity to work with Federal programs, requiring considerable thought equity, creative direction and script writing capabilities.