Filming the Flames: Our Outcome Shooting a Fire Recruitment Video

When creating a moving experience, especially one that inspires and encourages you to serve a greater purpose, it all comes down to telling a great story through authentic and captivating content. However, capturing powerful images and stories through video is no easy task. The filming process requires knowing deeply who your audience is, what would shift the way they think or feel, and how to create empathy through the story you tell.

CATMEDIA created a branded recruitment video for DeKalb County Fire Rescue to inspire young individuals to join the department and increase the number of applicants for the 2019-year. Consequently as a result grew their social media presence and number of applicants exponentially. Click here to watch the 1 minute version!


DeKalb County Fire Rescue (DCFR) is one of the largest fire departments in the state of Georgia and in the country. Each year the department accepts applications for recruitment from December 30 to January 13.

They sought to have a branded recruitment video that would:

  • Maintain its use and value for years
  • Target a younger, technology savvy audience
  • Displayed the growing diversity of their department
  • Show the opportunity for growth within the fire service
  • Express the fulfillment of working as a fire fighter


We worked closely with the department’s leaders to identify what unique core elements of the department were most important to invoke a “call to service” within their target audience.

“Visual storytelling isn’t something people need to be sold on. We all know it is the most efficient way to catch attention, deliver a message, and build a connection.” – William Warren, Writer

Therefore, we presented 3 treatments for them to choose from. This included tagline options, shot descriptions, production elements, and aesthetic examples for each one.



We posed the question, “What kind of person does it take to become a hero?” This concept focused on the characteristics of a person who has what it takes to become a firefighter. As a result, a viewer can watch it and be able to see him or herself in that position.

Cinematic and action packed, this concept aimed to draw in the audience by focusing on the intensity, excitement, and passion of working as a firefighter.



Our contract called for ad-hoc Video Production services. Once the client approved the final script, CATMEDIA coordinated closely with DCFR to solidify production plans. This included creating a production calendar, developing a shot list, scouting locations and coordinating with real firefighters to be interviewed on camera.

“Anything and everything about a video production’s logistics are coordinated from scratch based on the script, and everything must be in place before the principle photography begins.” – Amy Ferzoco, Production Manager


We had one day to shoot the entirety of the video. Therefore, we only chose 2 locations to eliminate travel time between. We conducted interviews with a diverse group of fire fighters, captains, and chiefs. Above all, our goal was to show the diversity of this department to include women in leadership roles.

Our production crew was kept small and only consisted of the Producer, Cinematographer, and a Camera Assistant, hence allowing us to move quickly throughout the day. The department allowed us to shoot a LIVE burn at their training academy, where they had 15-20 active fire fighters volunteer to demonstrate distinguishing a house fire. The department also arranged for several of their special op teams to demonstrate unique sides of the fire department that most people don’t know about.


CATMEDIA delivered two versions of the video, a 5-minute version and a 1-minute version. It was shot with 4-K Footage to achieve the “cinematic” aesthetic the client wanted. Interview sections high-lighted the driving points of the video from a relatable perspective, one where the viewer could see through the eyes of a fire fighter.

The videos were branded, taking inspiration DCFR colors and the DCFR logo with custom graphics, including lower thirds, tagline graphics, and a wallpaper graphic.



  • In 2 days DCFR Facebook page increased by 500 followers
  • Surpass their goal of reaching 6,000 followers by the end of 2018
  • YouTube – 7,820 views
  • Facebook Post – 42,000 views / 227 shares / 125 likes / 29 comments


  • Received 9,000 views within the first 2 months
  • Facebook Post – 9,200 views / 122 shares / 74 likes / 5 comments

Largest application turnout in the past 3 years for the department, receiving 779 new applications within two weeks.


Jan. 2018 (3,200) to Jan. 2019 (7,205)

Goal was to meet 6,000 by the end of 2018

Ultimately we were able to accomplish the client’s goals to increase number of applications, create a video that can be used for years to come, and subsequently help them reach their social media growth goals they had set for the 2018-year.


Video marketing is an exciting and interactive way for you to reach an audience, and thanks to the digital-technology boom of the last 20 years; it is more important and more cost-effective than ever to create video content for your brand. Do you want more information about video-marketing? Check out our website and tell us if we can use video to take your online marketing strategy to the next level!

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